About Voice of the Victim

Voice of the Victim, Inc. is a non-profit organization that works with victims and survivors of domestic violence and abusive behaviors. As a survivor myself, I know the challenges and hurdles that must be faced and conquered. Because of those challenges, we work with shelters to help and support victims/survivors and their children to move from victim, to survivor, ultimately to THRIVER in spite of the abuse. We also work with church, women, youth groups to reveal the flags of abusive behaviors, making good choices and recovering from poor choices.

Sign Language and Spanish Interpreters Available.

Voice of the Victim

Voice of the Victim is a program that educates victims of domestic abuse and abusive behaviors about the many faces of abuse. We also give them the tools to leave their abuser safely and to live successfully and independently of their abuser.

Learn to Love You

Learn To Love You is a program designed to help our youth to make good/positive life decisions and how to recover when poor decisions have been made. The best way to fix a vase it to Not Let It Get Broken.

Prison Re-entry

Prison Re-entry Program – This program is designed to help inmates scheduled for release to re-evaluate what lead to their incarceration and to encourage making better choices upon release. The goal is to close the revolving door to the prison system.


Number of Women Killed by Men They Knew in '11


Number of Workdays Missed due to Domestic Viloence


Women Who Have Been Killed by Men in Domestic Disputes since '03


Children Exposed to Domestic Violence Each Year

Live, Love, Learn

Live your life, the way you should,
Love the life you have,
Learn from the mistakes you make.

Live your life on the path, that seems so hard to take,
Love your life now, for your future’s at stake,
learn to hold tight with all your might, to the one’s you love,
for you never know when they’ll be out of your sight.

Live your life, for heaven’s sake,
love your life, come what may,
learn to accept the things you cannot change.

Live with the things you can,
Love your neighbor as yourself,
Learn to do your best, and God will do the rest.
Learn as the world turns.

Nora Eason ­

Why Voice of the Victim?

Voice of the Victim has several projects that give back to our community annually.

  • Valentine’s Day Cards for people in shelters
  • Mother’s Day Cards and Flowers for women in shelters
  • Father’s Day Cards (Single fathers are in shelters as well)
  • Charcoal and lighter fluid for 4th of July for a local shelter
  • Learn To Love You Scholarship Fund
  • Learn To Love You Youth Program
  • Mentor Program Supplies

Men & Women Hurt by Domestic Violence

Female Victims
Females Homicides by Men in a Relationship
Men Who Abuse Women and Children
Emotionally Abused Men